Dog ID: 22-086

February 9, 2023:

We are astounded at how quickly Scarlett has settled into her new home. She lies down at our feet when we’re home; she lets us know when she wants to play fetch for a while; she sleeps right by our bed each night. She is the most gracious lady we could ever hope to have in our home. She is patient and thoughtful about everything – even when it comes to receiving her ear medication. She loves our walks and she loves to stop and sniff and investigate. During our walks she has a magical ability to bring a smile or a happy outburst from virtually everyone we meet. Also – we live next to a grade school, and the children adore her and Scarlett adores them. When the children have opportunity, they come up to pet her, and Scarlett happily stands still with her big smile and takes it all in. Thank you so very, very much to the entire GRRoW community. Scarlett is a true blessing in our lives. Once again – thank you!

February 2, 2023: 

We were happy to receive an update on Scarlett, following her recent adoption:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a kinder, gentler dog.
She’s so chill, easy, and sweet. Night 1 she slept upstairs with us, Night 2 she decided to stay downstairs by herself. Everyone is so happy for us. 😊
We purchased a puzzle toy for Scarlett. It was hilarious to watch; I put her food in it so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being too much. Didn’t take her long to learn how to open and retrieve the kibble, so I kept refilling different spots so she could keep going.

January 22, 2023:

Sweet Scarlett has found a wonderful family and is settling into her new home. Watch for updates!

Adopted January 20, 2023

December 27, 2022:

Scarlett sends everyone Happy Holidays wishes! She is loving the cold temps and wants to stay outside, rolling in and eating snow. She came through her minor surgery with ease – no reactions to medication – and is a perfect patient, not licking or scratching at her incision. It appears to be healing well and she will go back in one week to have the sutures removed. She’s lost another two pounds and doesn’t seem to be itching as much as before, so we will continue the current food and supplement plan.

On Christmas Day Scarlett enjoyed a peanut-butter-filled Kong and dressed up in a pretty scarf. She still seems to want any toy that the resident dog has, unless they are completely identical, so Santa brought matching gifts and we monitor play time closely. Scarlett is fun to observe. At times she is very silly, and sometimes a little stubborn. But she generally responds promptly to commands like Sit, Come or Leave It. We see some possible alpha-dog behaviors – pushing thru doorways first, laying in doorways or at the top of the stairs to prevent the resident dog access to people – but she has not shown any aggression when we call the resident dog to us, or if we ask her to take a step back to let the resident dog go first. Often she likes to snuggle up to the resident dog, and willingly shares dog beds and water bowls. So it may just be some foster-sibling rivalry.

Scarlett is such a sweet, loving, beautiful girl, and should be ready for adoption soon!

December 4, 2022:

Hope you all enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving! Scarlett spent the weekend with some new friends who gave her LOTS of love and attention. She is a friendly girl who greets people with big wiggly wags and then usually gently takes the sleeve of their coat in her mouth. Once she’s said hello, or if we say, “leave it”, she drops the sleeve and sits for pets. She does not jump, unless catching a toy, and rarely barks (even when the resident dog is barking loudly). She has not tried to get on any furniture.

Scarlett got a good report at the vet on Nov. 28 – bacteria & yeast were gone from both ears – and she had lost 3 lbs. We discussed her chronic allergy symptoms and what could be done to provide some relief since prescription medications haven’t created much change. We are trying a few different things to improve her overall health before she is ready for adoption:
Zymox solution – once daily in both ears – to help keep them clean – she sits perfectly for this!
Fish Oil – 1 tsp per meal (so twice daily) – to help with itchy skin and keep her coat soft and fluffy.
Changing her food to a (non-prescription) fish-based formula for sensitive skin.
Cosequin tablets – twice daily – to help with mobility and possible arthritis (which may also go away with added exercise and weight loss).
She will also have a minor surgery on Dec. 20th to remove a large skin tag from her left “elbow”.

Scarlett seems to enjoy being outside and really liked rolling in the snow! Walking on leash still requires some attention as she tends to circle around, creating a tripping hazard. We will build up her endurance over the next few weeks and can’t wait to toss some snowballs for her!

Scarlett is good as gold, a beautiful, loving dog, and will be a wonderful companion!

November 15, 2022:

Scarlett is a gorgeous senior lady with soft brown eyes and a jet-black nose. At 8-½ years old, she is content to sleep as much as she is ready to play. She responds readily to all household members, knows all the basic commands, and enjoys stuffed toys. She is learning to share both toys and attention with her golden foster sister. Scarlett is well mannered in the house and on leash. She prefers to walk on the right but weaves a bit so at 95 pounds she could knock someone over if not paying attention. At the vet clinic and the groomer she behaved perfectly! She is being treated for a double ear infection but sits perfectly for her medication. Her ideal weight is closer to 75-80 pounds, so she is being fed 1.5 cups twice per day and has adjusted well to that routine. We are using a puzzle bowl to slow her eating, and with the hope she will feel full faster. She is also enjoying walks in the neighborhood 3-4 times per day. Overall, Scarlett is a sweetheart who has lots of love to give. And the only thing softer than the snowflakes falling outside is Scarlett’s poofy tail!

November 5, 2022:

Scarlett arrived at her foster home this evening after a rainy day of travel–watch for more on this very good girl as we get acquainted. Welcome to GRRoW, pretty Scarlett!