Dog ID: 21-050

January 31, 2022:

Shyla has found her forever home.

Shyla continues to be the perfect dog! She is growing more attached and snuggling with extended family. She gets very excited to see us up in the morning and thumps her tail until she gets her morning loving! She has bonded very well with our other golden and I don’t think either of them would know how to survive without the other. She continues to have some difficulty with her joints but does well with floor runners. She likes the snow but not the cold! I have never seen a dog take care of business so quickly and run back inside! She is the perfect addition to our family!

November 1, 2021:

Shyla continues to be a sweetheart. We are learning her personality as she settles in. She loves attention but also likes her space (near us). We have used the thunder shirt twice and it seems to make a big difference.
She has had some difficulty with hardwood floors. Her legs will sometimes splay out and make it hard for her to get her balance standing. Only our kitchen and dining room have hardwood floors which we have now covered with rugs. She is much more confident on carpeting/rugs.

Shyla has had a hard past 24 hours. She had a lipoma on her side that was increasing in size. She had it removed yesterday. The vet said it was several large masses all intertwined. She had to go back today for a dressing change. She lost 3# 9 oz from yesterday to today! The staff must have seen the worried look on my face and they all agreed 99% of that was the mass. Several said it was by far the largest they have ever seen! Shyla didn’t seemed bothered by it but I can only imagine it was pushing on her organs. She has handled the last 2 days like a trooper. She is quiet but starting to get her appetite back and drinking well. We even stopped at Culver’s on the way home to get her a vanilla ice cream cone (with prior approval from the vet of course) which was gone in less than a minute! She will go back Tuesday for a follow up and possible suture removal. She has to wear the wonderful cone for 14 days but has not seemed bothered by it-than again we are only on day 1!

Also, as you can see in the picture she is a big fan of Badger football!

September 14, 2021:

The 2nd week with Shyla has been as good as the 1st! We have learned a couple new things about her.

She has had 2 urine accidents that we woke up to. I think it’s just that she is slightly older and probably has a 7-8 hour limit on needing to go out. They both were times we went to bed a little earlier but otherwise does great.

We also had 2 thunderstorms this week and Shyla is NOT a fan! The 1 earlier this week she tried to hide behind the couch. This afternoon it was a 10 minute storm but she somehow managed to get up on the bed by herself and would not come downstairs for several hours. She was panting and no tail wagging. Shyla loves attention so that had us concerned she may be sick. Since she has been downstairs, she has been fine and back to snuggles and tail wagging! We believe she is in good health and is just very scared of storms. We are trying different things with her and will be ready with a thunder shirt for the next storm to see if we can make her less stressed.

Shyla continues to want to please and appears to have had good training in her past. She walks very well on a leash (just not long distances with her joints), stays close to her walker and has settled in nicely with our other dog and cats. Our youngest cat that my daughter found as a stray just under a year ago and Shyla have actually bonded quite nicely and love to share a loveseat together!!

September 5, 2021:

Shyla is settling in nicely. By day 3 she was playing with our golden. She doesn’t pay much attention to the cats and vice versa but they have all met and are good with each other.

On the initial assessment, Shyla showed no interest in toys, seemed to be a picky eater and was thought to not be house trained.

Since she has been here she LOVES balls. She is usually walking around with one in her mouth and loves to play catch. She eats all her food with no concerns & is definitely house trained! She has not had 1 accident. Her cue for needing to poop is rubbing her back end up against the couch!

She is very intelligent and sweet. She craves attention and loves to put her head in our laps.
Shyla is an older girl and has some trouble with her legs. I don’t think she has ever had stairs to go up & down. She has learned to go up & down but is a little awkward with them. She can only go on short walks. She is able to jump on the couch but not on beds or in cars without help. We are getting her a ramp for the bed & car to see if that makes it easier for her.

Shyla likes to play ball, play with our dog & go for walks but tires out quickly and needs to rest. Her legs start to get wobbly if she pushes it too long. I think some of it is age & weakness because she is a little more steady everyday but did also see joints issues in her paperwork.
Shyla is a beautiful, sweet, gentle girl!

August 30, 2021:

Shyla is new in foster care. More information will follow.