Dog ID: 22-047

February 2, 2023:

Slider, the big golden, has settled into his “furever” home nicely! Adopted on November 26th, Slider met extended family over the holidays and got along with everyone. He enjoys spending time with his Cavalier cousin, Daisy. Sometimes forgetting his size as they romp and play. He equally enjoys quiet time chewing on a big bone or just chillin`. He’s a laid-back boy and does well riding in the car too.
Slider caught on quickly to our family routine. In less than a week, he learned how to jingle a bell on the patio door to be let outside. He goes to his kennel during meal times as if to say, “I know it’s time to eat!” He’s inquisitive and follows me everywhere!
Slider loves to go on walks, play chuck-it when we’re out in the country, and play with other dogs when he has the opportunity. He enjoys fetching and carrying around his big yellow ball. He’s also been on numerous hikes with our family. We started New Year’s Day on the Walla-Hi Ice Age trail. A little messy, but he loved it! This weekend, heading to some Door County trails.
Slider also enjoyed his first visit to an indoor pool. Hopefully, this will help his hip and leg too. This past week, Slider started Intermediate training classes. Our goal is for Slider to be certified as a companion/comfort dog to visit schools, assisted living facilities, libraries, and any other organizations that have a need for a big, loveable golden like Slider!

November 27, 2022:

Slider has found his forever home! We are happy for this sweet boy and look forward to an update from his new family as he settles in. 
Adopted November 26, 2022.

Thank you to everyone who supported Slider’s surgery and rehab journey. 

November 1, 2022:

Slider has been growing like a weed! This sweet boy is tall and well over 50 lbs now – we think he’s going to be a big boy. He has done a great job with his PT and continues to use his “bum” leg in everything that he does. Slider loves to play and run around in the yard, and chew on tennis balls. He also loves being the center of attention when people are around — he loves to be pet and snuggled with. He’s probably one of the most happy-go-lucky puppies that we’ve fostered.

Slider’s leg continues to grow, but we won’t know if it will reach full-size until he does. Right now we’re cautiously optimistic as he’s responding well to his PT. His adopters should plan to take him to PT about every 4-6 weeks to ensure that he continues to do the right exercises to stimulate bone growth in the leg. Luckly Slider loves to do PT and take long walks, so he’s going to be a great patient!

September 12, 2022:

Slider got some amazing news at his first post-surgical checkup: he’s cleared for solo off-leash activity! He was so excited to get out in the yard and explore – he is a mover and a shaker and loves to sniff all the plants, trees, and grass that he can. His doctors are very pleased with his progress and impressed at how far he has come in such a short time. All that work at PT, getting acupuncture and stretching his muscles has paid off big time! His “bad” leg is still a little bit shorter than his good one, but it is growing, so we are optimistic it will end up the right size.

Since Slider has been moving around a lot more, we’ve discovered that he totally lives up to his name as it accurately describes how he enters most rooms. We’re hoping to help him master his pace and ability to put on the brakes a little sooner.

Personality-wise, Slider is a 13/10. He’s incredibly patient with other dogs, loves to play, listens to dogs that correct him, and generally goes with the flow. He’s excellent on a leash with an easy-walk harness, walking at a leisurely pace right by our side. Due to all his crate rest from surgery, he’s also excellent in a kennel. He is potty trained and loves his training sessions where he gets to practice the basics like sit, down, stay, etc. Slider is going to make a wonderful addition to one lucky family.

August 28, 2022:

Slider has begun a physical therapy program and is receiving acupuncture and supplements to assist with increasing his mobility and continued healing. His foster parents spend time massaging, exercising, and icing his leg and hip twice each day in addition to several leashed walks. Slider’s walks are still slow and short, but that will change over time as he gains muscle and stamina. We can tell he is beginning to feel better and more confident because he is trying more and more to play with his canine foster siblings. The older dogs in the family are gentle with Slider and sometimes engage him in games of tug while sprawled on the floor or couch.

August 12, 2022:

Slider has had an eventful start to his foster journey. When he came to GRRoW it was obvious that he had a problem with the formation and mobility of his left rear leg. He had a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon a week after arriving at his foster home and FHO surgery on the following day to correct a malunion fracture of his left hip. Slider spent the next few days in recovery boarding, receiving round the clock care and beginning physical therapy. He returned to his foster home earlier this week and is coping with restricted activity while he heals. Physical therapy to build muscle strength and mobility will be starting soon, but for now he gets several brief leashed walks daily along with range of motion exercises, aided by his foster parents . Through it all he remains a sweet, loving dog.

July 24, 2022:

Slider is new to GRRoW. More information to come soon.