Dog ID: 21-057

November 13, 2021:

Sophie and her bonded friend, Saber have found their forever home.

Sophie is so sweet and gentle. She found a couple chew toys that she likes. She will sometimes play ball with Saber, but mostly she would rather chase squirrels and sniff around the yard. Sophie walks like a pro. No more pulling, and she sits before crossing the street. She will wait for the go command before standing and walking across. She’s very smart and loves to learn new things. I am slowly getting her used to brushing. She has become more accepting of it. She definitely likes the new furry orthopedic bed.

October 30, 2021:

Sophie is a sweet and reserved dog. She really likes to observe, even when her partner Saber is around. She warmed up very quickly. Within three hours she was seeking out love and giving boops. We are working on walking her twice daily. She likes to pull a lot. Sophie is starting to have interest in dog toys. She loves to sleep on the couch. She slept very well all night in her crate next to her partner, Saber. Both of them are eating and drinking well. Sophie will also go for a full grooming tomorrow morning and see the vet later this week. So far, she’s doing well in her foster home.

October 22, 2021:

Sophie just had a complete vet check up. She is healthy and has no issues. Her true personality is coming out. She is an observer and a hunter. She will walk the entire yard sniffing. She loves to chase the squirrels and the birds. She will now go outside alone without Saber and has a blast. She is such a sweet and smart girl. She has adjusted very well in her foster home.

October 17, 2021:

Sophie came in with Saber and they are bonded meaning they must be adopted together. More information will follow.