Dog ID: 22-049

September 11, 2022:
Sophie‘s adjusting nicely to her new home and her mom says they are more than thrilled that she’s become part of the family.

Adoption Date: August 9, 2022

August 25, 2022:

This sweet puppy is ready to find her forever home. Sophie can be a little timid at times but in general is well rounded, loves everyone and everything especially other dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, nice dogs, and overly rambunctious dogs – Sophie loves them all! She usually lets dogs know she’s friendly by rolling on her back. Sophie is eager to please, knows her name, sit and down. She is working hard to perfect her potty training skills and to stop her puppy biting. Sophie is very affectionate, enjoys lots of attention and hugs. She will be a wonderful family pet!

August 10, 2022:

Sophie’s foster mom says she’s a little sweetheart. She’s very smart and learned to sit in just 5 minutes! Like all puppies she’s very curious and loves to play with her toys.

July 13, 2022:

Sophie is a tiny little thing but has thrived while being in foster care. She was 6 pounds at her first vet appointment and has doubled her weight! Sophie is becoming more outgoing and loves to play with her toys. She also has a stubborn streak. Her foster tried to take her for a walk the other day and she flatly refused, just sat down, and wouldn’t budge no matter how much her foster mom coaxed her! This stubbornness also shows up with potty training. She will happily go outside to do her thing, but she is also very happy going in the house! Sophie is a very sweet, loving puppy who is learning that the big, wide world isn’t as scary as she first thought. 

June 26, 2022:

Meet Sophie! Her foster mom says she is curious and filled with a lot of love. She is also timid and just as often backs away as she comes towards you. When she feels safe, she is a very happy dog. She has learned how to bark and seems to enjoy listening to herself! She recently spent a few days at her foster’s summer cottage and loved it there.
Sophie is making slow progress with potty training. She seems to understand how happy her foster is when she goes potty outside but just as happily goes inside too. 
She is playful and enjoys chasing and pouncing on a piece of newspaper blowing in the wind on the patio. Like all other puppies she enjoys chewing on things.