Dog ID: 22-077 | 7 Year old Male | Medium-high Energy | Good with Dogs | Good with Children

Medium-high energy, Good with Dogs, Good with Kids

October 23, 2022:

Soto is such a joy to foster. If we could pet him all day he would stand, sit, or lay as long as we continued. He loves to be brushed and lets me handle his paws, ears and teeth. He loves loving.

Soto is very well-trained and a gentleman in the kitchen. He is the first dog I have come across that hasn’t begged for food. We eat pretty close to his level and as long as he is fed his food he does not beg or try to eat ours, at least not yet. He will lay down in the kitchen or follow us around while we cook but he is quiet and well mannered even when I am preparing his food. Soto knows and follows all basic commands; sometimes he holds sit and down for only a short time but if I add stay he will lengthen them. He remains in stay until released, with no distractions. I haven’t had opportunity to try commands while in an excited state but I have a feeling it will take some focus. He is a big dog and when he is excited he tends to jump up— because of his size and strength I have been working on not moving forward until he settles down. At first he didn’t want to put the leash or harness on but now he knows it means outside and walks and play so he lets me put it on without a problem.

Soto is a big boy and very strong so I was concerned how it would be if he pulled a lot on walks but he is a great walker. As soon as the leash gets tense he slows down. He stays ahead of me a bit but he doesn’t pull. He is all about the walk and not easily distracted. We have run across very loud Sandpiper cranes, and a squirrel that crossed the road right in front of us and he had hardly any reaction. He did look at me and slowed down to my side when the birds were squawking at us but when I didn’t react he kept walking. He is afraid of cars when they pass close (probably because he was once hit by a car) and because we don’t have sidewalks out by us I make sure I walk far into the grassy part of the shoulder; if it’s not well mowed I will just stop and have him sit until the car passes. He is fine with the cars on the other side of the road and looks at me but doesn’t slow down or stop.
He was not in a crate at his previous home. He really doesn’t try to get into much trouble around the house. I even have my crochet project/yarn in a basket next to my chair and he hasn’t even been very interested in it. He would probably be fine out of the crate when we are gone but I have been crating him for the 2 times I had to run errands over the last few days for about 1-2 hours each time. I put a big frozen kong in there with him and he goes right in. He sleeps in the bedroom with the crate door open at night but he does prefer the dog bed or floor. Well…he really would prefer our bed…but with his size that is not an option…he keeps trying each night though… He did go in the crate yesterday morning for a few hours before we all got up so if someone wanted to crate him at night I don’t think it would be a problem. Throughout the day  I periodically throw some small training treats in the open crate for him to find and he randomly  goes in to check.