Dog ID: 22-085

February 2, 2023:

From Sunny’s Forever Family,

So here it is one month later with Sunny. She is doing better every day, especially with my husband. So sweet for sure. 

After the snowfall on Saturday, she is one happy dog. I have never seen a dog to continue to roll and roll some more in the snow. She just keeps going. I have to let go of the leash because I can’t keep up with her. So cute and funny at the same time. 

Thought that might put a smile on your face. 

She is for sure one precious dog.

January 27, 2023:

Just in time to start off the new year right, Sunny joined her new family on 12/31/2022.  Her new family shared:

Sunny is still making wonderful and positive changes, she’s getting used to people coming and going.

She has been such a good dog. She loves everybody who comes to the house. She also sits to get her treat with little encouragement. She also does well with stay. The hard part she is always at my feet. I personally love it as long as I don’t trip over her. She also does well with the neighborhood dogs and rarely barks

Our smile for the day is Sunny totally refused to get in our car, thinking she feels that she is not staying here.
I would like to think she is so happy to call her this her home.
Yes we need to work on this part of her life. This is her forever home.

Adopted December 31, 2022

November 4, 2022:

This sweet 3-1/2 year old is adjusting to her foster home. Sunbeam has experienced many new things in less than a week for example: having 4 emergency vehicles pass by the car she was in with their sirens blaring (very scary), playing with her foster siblings and taking walks (fun).