Dog ID: 22-048 | 9 week old Male | Medium Energy

Medium Energy

August 8, 2022:

Cooper (alias Teddy or Oliver) has been such a welcome addition to our family, with many thanks going to his foster family who got him well adjusted to this brand-new world. They taught him many tricks and gave him a good start in life. He loves going on walks during the day when it isn’t quite so warm, and he does great playing with the neighborhood dogs. Cooper is not too sure about our cat family members–one is a Calico, and the other is a Maine Coon. Right now, they are discovering what each
one is, and how they fit in the family. His appetite is good, and at his vet visit this past week, he had gained almost 4 lbs. since his last weigh in. He loves car rides and going different places where new adventures can be had. Hopefully, he will be starting puppy classes soon on his way to becoming a therapy dog, and possible blood donor at the UW–Madison Veterinary Clinic.

Cooper has been a good reminder of how much joy such a little one can bring to your life, and to keep in perspective the things you should cherish and value most.

June 20, 2022:

Teddy has just arrived at his foster home. This is what his foster mom has to say.

Teddy has been a bit skittish, curious, mouthy and generally puppy-like, His most predominate trait so far is the little guy is HUNGRY.  He growls by his food a bit, so I wonder if he was getting the nutrition he needed.  He is doing well with crate training so far and seems to be finding his land legs when trotting around the yard.  

He was up three times last night.  It took him 20-30 minutes to settle in the crate after getting up during the night.  He is curious about our other dogs and scared of them at the same time.  He loves being outside and exploring.  We gave him a very vigorous bath last night with some lavender scented shampoo, which makes snuggling with this handsome fellow even more delightful.  He definitely is a typical golden in that he wants to be where the people are, and he can’t get enough attention or affection.