Dog ID: 22-039 | 8 Week old Male | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs

Medium energy, Good with Dogs

June 26, 2022:

Tony (now known as Anthony) has found his forever home. Here’s what his foster family has to say:

Tony is such a sweet boy with a great personality. He loves people and enjoys any kind of attention. Tony is very playful and if playing fetch with someone isn’t an option, he will happily amuse himself with one of his many toys. He also enjoys splashing in his plastic pool. Tony is a very smart boy and with his expressive eyes, it’s fun to watch him as he tries to figure something out. He is such a great example of why Goldens are loved by so many and no doubt will grow into an amazing companion and family member.
And here’s what his new family has to say:
It’s been almost 3 weeks and Anthony is doing great. He made himself at home right away, he enjoys fetching ball, playing with his toys. He’s been to the vet for all his shots, frontline and heartworm medicine. He is now able to go to puppy classes.

May 15, 2022

From day one, Tony has made himself comfortable in his foster home. He is just a great little boy who loves any kind of attention, especially cuddling and tummy rubs. He is very inquisitive and loves exploring his surroundings with frequent breaks to roll on his back in the grass with his little legs kicking in the air. Tony is very smart and catches on quickly. He is doing great learning his basic commands and is also making progress in the potty-training department. He enjoys a good game of fetch and playing tug with his rope. Tony was a real trooper at his first vet visit where he got his first round of puppy shots and his microchip. The visit took a little longer than normal what with Tony stopping to play with all of the staff! That’s all for now but stay tuned for more about Tony’s adventures.