Dog ID: 22-044

December 9, 2022:

Tucker has found the perfect forever home. He will get a lot of love, exercise and SWIMMING!!

Adoption Date: December 5, 2022

October 4, 2022:

Tucker is growing every day. He will occasionally have an accident during night but think we’ve got it covered. We are working on trying to teach him a way to let us know he needs to go out.

He will really need a big brother or sister to help him with a transition to new family. He is a very energetic guy and loves to swim. An active family would be best. He currently has someone home quite a bit and would probably prefer this type of home. He is doing fairly well alone with other dogs for a couple hours. He has not had any exposure to children. He chases cats.

September 8, 2022:

This five month old boy is a lover. He wants to be with his people. Tucker swims everyday. Plays with his other fur friends non stop. He is very high energy and definitely needs another dog around. He is not left alone for long periods of time, a few hours at most.

He is curious about cats but doesn’t bother them. Has had no experience with young children.

August 7, 2022:

Tucker is doing very well in foster care. He did have a good case of round worms but now that he has had treatment he is feeling much better. The foster home has been working on potty training. Tucker is doing pretty good and he does go on pee pads. He has come out of his shell and is now full on puppy. He’s into everything. Loves to play and swim. He found the joy in sticks. He was so proud of himself when he found this big stick and dragged it all the way across the yard . He is definitely feeling better and getting relaxed, becoming a typical puppy with all the traits that go with it.

He loves following the big dogs, swimming and playing. He is going to be an awesome boy. Catches onto things fast. Pretty sure that once he grows into those long legs and big feet that he will be a good size boy.

July 26, 2022:

Tucker arrived at his foster home on Saturday. He has enjoyed living in his new home and got a bath. He currently is being treated for worms. More to come.