Dog ID: 22-104 | 4-1/2 Month old Male | Medium-High Energy | Good with Dogs | Good with Cats | Good with Kids

Medium-High Energy, Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids

December 27, 2022:

Tucker is a 17 week old male puppy. He’s very active and loves attention! He loves all toys and is still trying to figure what household things are for him. He mouths everything but doesn’t destroy it. He’s working on basic commands and potty training. He’s doing really well for how young he is and keeps his crate clean. His curiosity and mishaps will keep you entertained and in your toes 🙂 He seems to think we hung all his dog toys on the Christmas tree and is disappointed when told they aren’t his! He’s absolutely gorgeous and everything you’d want in an active family dog. He gets along with other dogs although they do sometimes tell him to slow down. He doesn’t care about cats. He found out parrots aren’t play things and bite. He loves running around in the snow, rolling in it, sticking his head in it and laying in it. He’s been sticking around the house and not venturing out too far. We haven’t been able to do much leash work but the kiddos walk him around the house with it and he seems willing to be led around and not fight it. He’s been gentle with the kids, but we’re still working on keeping four on the floor. With a bit of training he will make the ideal picture perfect pup.