Dog ID: 21-060

April 16, 2022:

Violet here to say hello and tell you that I am such a happy dog in my new home! I smile all the time and soak up ALL the love! Six months ago, GRRoW rescued me from a life outdoors. It took me awhile to relax and not feel nervous all the time. But my forever family is so patient with me. It took me months to work up the courage to go upstairs AND back down on my own. But no one made me go when I didn’t want to, and one day, I just figured it out. Now there’s no stopping me! One of my favorite things is to play fetch down the long upstairs hallway in our house. Mom throws my favorite glow ball and I chase after it, sometimes catching it in the air. Occasionally that ball sneaks through the stair railing and bounces all the way down the stairs. I sure get my exercise running downstairs to fetch it and bringing it right back up for more catch. 
I sleep next to mom and dad’s bed now at night. It sure beats sleeping outside! I also got the courage to bark at the bossy cat when he tried to steal my dog food. It’s strange, but now I think he’s nicer to me. The other cat and I have been buddies since the start. And speaking of buddies, my two human brothers are great too! They scratch my ears, let me jump on their beds, and throw the ball outside waaay farther than mom does. They do say I’m a “momma’s girl” though. I do love my mom and us girls stick together. Mom helps me not worry so much during storms and takes me running (another favorite). She tells me all the time that I’m such a good girl and she gives me lots and lots of kisses and snuggles. I really love it here. Thanks GRRoW, and all the volunteers, for looking out for dogs like me that need help sometimes. Happy Spring everyone! Mom says the flowers will be up soon. Until then, I’m just gonna take a little nap on the couch!

December 23, 2021:

Violet has found her forever home!

November 29, 2021:

Violet finally got a bath! She hasn’t mastered the staircase yet, but she was cooperative when we carried her upstairs and then back down. She seemed to enjoy the water and bath time. Her coat is soft and silky.

Her ear re-check looked good and the vet commented that she had gained confidence since her last visit. She gained something else…a couple pounds! That’s good news and quite a surprise since she’s been a picky eater. But I think we’ve finally found a food she likes and even though she’s not food motivated, she’s eating enough to keep her healthy.

November 12, 2021:

Violet recently went to the vet and was very brave despite being nervous. Our trips to visit the office ahead of the appointment “just for fun” helped put Violet at ease. She is a healthy girl except for an ear infection in both ears. She got the right medicine for that and already seems to be feeling better. She needs to gain a few more pounds (why doesn’t my doctor ever say that?). She’s also enjoying neighborhood walks and fetch in the backyard. Chill time is pretty good too. And many thanks to a sweet volunteer who sent Violet a beautiful fall-colored quilt blanket to call her own.

October 27, 2021:

Sweet Violet continues to settle in at her foster home. She made friends with one of the resident cats and is working to win over the second cat. She loves peanut butter filled Kongs and stuffed toys…though her idea of playing is pulling out the stuffing. Besides hanging out with her foster mom, her two other favorite activities are lounging on the couch and snuggling up with the teenagers. Her least favorite things are stairs of any number and unexpected noises. A few car trips around town have gone well. More to come after her vet visit in a couple weeks

October 21, 2021:

Violet has arrived at her foster home and is settling in. Updates to follow as we acquainted with this sweet girl.

Violet was well behaved on her ride to her foster home. She is slowly learning how to navigate different flooring, the steps, and being an all day inside gal! She is quite observant and especially loves the attention from the resident teenager. More as this young lady shows her true colors and begins to see the world inside and out.