Dog ID: 22-099| 2 Year old Female | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs

Medium Energy, Good with Dogs

February 11, 2023:

Wednesday’s personality continues to blossom in her foster home. While Wednesday often still chooses to observe the world from the security of her crate, she also chooses to venture out to deck to survey the neighborhood; to play with her foster sibling; and now seeks attention from her foster family. In the past week she has given kisses to her family–the best reward a foster family can receive! And she’s an expert at removing a soft medical cone! Life is improving daily for this sweet girl!

January 22, 2023:

Wednesday is settling into her new foster home, learning the comfort of a cozy bed, a safe space all her own and recovering from spay surgery earlier this week. She is still very shy with the humans in her home but enjoys the company of her foster sister, who has taught Wednesday to explore the toy box, where she carries the plush toys back to her crate for safekeeping, and to venture through the door and out onto the deck. Wednesday has found her voice, but just one bark so far! She has a lot to learn but is off to a great start!