Dog ID: 22-018

April 29, 2022:

It’s been nearly 15 years since we had a puppy and it’s been such a delight! Whiskey’s personality is so fun and he is certainly stepping in to wanting to be the leader of the pack. He isn’t shy in letting his voice be heard, and wants to be right in the mix of everything. Between playing with the other resident golden retrievers and human child and snuggling with the bunch, we have experienced so much joy in the past few months. We’ve been reminded about the loss of sleep from middle of the night potty breaks, early morning wake-up calls, occasional accidents in the house, and holes dug in the back yard, but the sweetness and cuteness of this lovable guy makes it all worth it. We are so grateful for GRRoW and lucky to have Whiskey as a member of our family.

March 17, 2022:

Whiskey is the sweetest boy. We’ve been fostering him for four days and each day he opens up a bit more and shows his personality. Whiskey likes to play, snuggle and be outside. He dislikes being alone (good thing he can come to work with foster mom!), wearing a collar and walking on a leash, and FOOD! (we are having a hard time with him eating). Baby steps and we are confident things will turn around. Whiskey is almost 23 pounds and vet thinks he’ll be 80-85 pounds. He’s being treated for an ear infection and hopefully the medication works quickly because he’s rubbing his ears quite a bit which irritates them even more. This pup is a joy to have around and it’s been really fun watching him flourish.