Dog ID: 22-066

November 27, 2022:

Willow has found her perfect fur-ever home! Watch for an update from her family soon.

Adopted 11/26/2022

November 15, 2022:

There have been a few changes since Willow’s last update. Her foster sister has found her forever home so Willow is an only dog at this time. We want to keep her social calendar full so she has had a friend come and stay for a weekend of fun and play. She also had another foster dog from GRRoW come over for a playdate so there were 3 golden retrievers running and playing in our backyard.

At Willow’s vet visit the doctor suggested she put on some weight. We just checked on her progress and she has gained 5 lbs. She is looking good and we will now work on helping her maintain this weight. She is still an active dog when outside searching the yard for squirrels and bunnies but she enjoys her evenings sacked out on our couch before heading to bed.

With Willow being the only dog in the house we are now able to leave her loose when no one is home. We have learned there are certain things that can’t be left where she can access them. She feels the need to remove the stuffing from plushy dog toys, dog beds and recently pulled the tassel off a new winter hat that her foster mom had just purchased. We also continue to keep shoes in an area she can’t access or we find that she will carry them around the house. Luckily no shoes have been subjected to the same treatment as the dog bed and dog toys.

We continue to treat her dry eye with daily eye drops and she will soon see an opthamologist to verify there is nothing more going on with her eye.

Willow will soon celebrate her 3rd birthday and with any luck her adoption into her forever home.

October 20, 2022:

Willow has settled into the daily routines of her foster home. She has adjusted pretty easily to using a crate while we are gone from home but she is allowed to remain loose in the house at night. Most nights she can be found sleeping on the large dog bed in our master bedroom but she will also wander downstairs to lay on the couch. She still has some puppy behaviors like grabbing blankets and chewing on a few things that she shouldn’t have so we have to be careful about what is left laying around the house.

Willow is still sharing her foster home with a foster sister and they are getting along very well. Willow has initiated some play with the other dog but it doesn’t last very long. The two of them enjoy running out the backdoor into the fenced yard to search for squirrels and bunnies.

Willow has had her wellness check at the vet and they recommended we put a few more pounds on her. That is proving difficult as she seems to burn up those calories pretty quickly. The vet also examined her eye and confirmed that she has dry eye. This simply means she doesn’t produce tears in that eye to keep her eye moist. We resumed the regiment of medicated eye drops and fake tears and her eye is looking much better. Willow will be seen by an opthamologist in November to exam her eye and make sure treatment is on the right track.

Willow loves to be with her foster family and can be often found in the evening cuddling with one of the family members on the couch. She is a really sweet girl and is a joy to have in our foster home.

September 20, 2022:

Willow has joined our home and quickly settled in with her new foster sister. We have already scheduled her first wellness check and to follow up on the treatment of a medical issue with her right eye.

We have a large, fenced yard behind our home with plenty of squirrels and bunnies that seem to always be teasing the dogs. Willow and her foster sister think it is their job to patrol the yard and run off any squirrels that are inside the perimeter of our fence. Willow enjoys running free in the yard but can be recalled to us when we call her name. She also understands sit but the stay command is tough for this girl who thinks she needs to be glued to the closest human.

Willow goes on walks each evening around our neighborhood. She can see other dogs and she remains calm. She doesn’t pull on her leash, but she does enjoy using her nose to explore the smells around her.

Willow is a sweet girl who loves cuddling on the couch with her human family.

September 18, 2022:

Willow arrived at her foster home today and is settling in. More details to come!