Dog ID: 22-066 | 2 Year, 10 Month- old Female | Medium-High Energy | Good with Most Dogs | Good with Children |

Medium-high Energy, Good with Most Dogs, Good with Children

September 20, 2022:

Willow has joined our home and quickly settled in with her new foster sister. We have already scheduled her first wellness check and to follow up on the treatment of a medical issue with her right eye.

We have a large, fenced yard behind our home with plenty of squirrels and bunnies that seem to always be teasing the dogs. Willow and her foster sister think it is their job to patrol the yard and run off any squirrels that are inside the perimeter of our fence. Willow enjoys running free in the yard but can be recalled to us when we call her name. She also understands sit but the stay command is tough for this girl who thinks she needs to be glued to the closest human.

Willow goes on walks each evening around our neighborhood. She can see other dogs and she remains calm. She doesn’t pull on her leash, but she does enjoy using her nose to explore the smells around her.

Willow is a sweet girl who loves cuddling on the couch with her human family.

September 18, 2022:

Willow arrived at her foster home today and is settling in. More details to come!