Dog ID: 22-084

November 27, 2022:

Willow has been adopted! Watch for an update on this pretty girl!

Adopted November 26, 2022.

November 12, 2022:

Willow is doing well in foster care. She was spayed recently and is healing, but a bit bored with the inactivity that recovery requires. Willow has a tendency to jump when excited and her foster family is helping her learn the meaning of Off; hand targeting is on the agenda as well. She is good with Sit/Stay. Willow enjoys her foster brother, but sometimes has more energy than he appreciates! Overall Willow is a wonderful dog–a sweet snuggler with puppy energy to burn, and a fast learner who will grow into a great family companion.

October 20, 2022:

Willow is settling in very well in her new foster home. It feels like she has lived here for months already! She and the resident dog have started playing so nicely together and since he is also a bit on the passive side, they are getting along great! Willow has been sniffing around and found the toy box almost immediately. So far, so good!